Saturday, August 02, 2008

Subba-culta Review 4.5 headphones

Maniqui Lazer

'I Learn Everything on TV'

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Maniqui Lazer brand themselves as “lazer punk” and I guess that fits. Synth filled mayhem ensues…
Hailing from Mexico, these guys are crazy. End of.

On a more in depth note, Maniqui Lazer are a hyperactive mix of attitude and punk a la Iggy Pop and the craziness and zaniness of Melt Banana. It took my brain ages to register what they remind me of and it’s ‘There’s Always Room on the Broom’ by Liars - they have the same dirty, edgy, awkward sound. At times they even have the aggression, and not to mention throat, of bands such as Blood Brothers (RIP). Safe to say, this is a bit eclectic and weird, but I like it for the most part. Some of the 30-40 second songs are, I will admit, lost on me. I never really like songs that finish before they start. I am also not a fan of the screeching that is carried during this - I much prefer the suave talk-singing and the DFA1979-esque singing. But the thought put it in to it, and the style and attitude that these guys give is pretty cool. Surprisingly some of it is pretty catchy, despite the extreme quirkyness. Go ahead and at least give this a try, if you’re open to something a little odd you might like it.

By: Sara Curtis

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