Monday, September 22, 2008

Deafsparrow Review

If you aren’t bothered by fragmented thoughts and broken rhythms. Or by slices of music that spun little over a minute only to be superceded by something radically different in shape but linear in spirit. Or if you aren’t bothered by synth heavy disco friendly beats. Or by a hardcorian punk rock spirit that’s spastic at its rotten core, often times post punky in nature. If you simply aren’t bothered by a band that’s all about being many things at once, and pretty much excels at everything (though still only for a few seconds), then you might want to give this Mexican trio a chance.

Just two weeks ago I wrote a review of Seattle based Capillary Action, a band with the same bipolar tendencies but whose sound is totally different than the much more indie rock post punk orientations of Maniqui Lazer. In a world of generalities, both bands would be filed under the same genre. That would read ‘Mr. Bungle sound alikes’. Nothing further from the truth.

Maniqui Lazer belong to a completely different category. Yeah, we are still talking about a genre where the music jerks around playfully in a thoroughly childish and to some, sometimes annoying, fashion. The difference is in the lack of metal of Maniqui Lazer. Their second recording I Learn Everything On Tv brings to mind bands as varied as The Blood Brothers (though not as hard) and like it is mentioned in their MySpace page, bands of the same herky jerky fashion as XBXRX and Les Georges Leningrad. Maniqui Lazer’s sound is clearly dominated by the electronics prowess of Valentin Torres, who not only provides the grandest touch of modernity, but also makes of their music quite the heavy affair. It’s a leftist approach based around brief spasms of rage and energy. And it is a good listen. And certainly, aural proof of the overlooked talent boiling down south.


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