Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Review on Just Press Play by Sean Anthony

Have you ever heard something so awkward that you couldn’t turn it off? Something that made you want to turn it off, but you just couldn’t do it for the simple fact that what you were listening to intrigued you too much? Well I have found the epicenter of all that culminates that which is desirable yet undesirable at the same time. They are Maniqui Lazer and their album is I Learn Everything On TV.

When I first turned this on I started to wonder simply… what in the flying f—k am I listening to??? I honestly still cannot tell you what it is but I can tell you that it is oddly addictive. It has an appeal that you cannot over look, but you hate that you can’t shut it off. With song titles like, “Fat Girls Killing Models” or “Tomagotchi Machine” or my personal favorite “Tom Selleck Moustache,” how can you not like this random crap? With music today being so obsessed with making a point, telling a story or bragging about sex, money, cars and beyatches, this music actually brightens the day. I honestly found myself listening to this album with my "WTF" attitude and loving every minute of it. The band uses percussion, keyboards, limited vocals, bass and programming to culminate this one of a kind musical lovefest.

Overall, I Learn Everything On TV will mess with your mind but give you something new and unique to check out. I can’t compare this to anything you might like or dislike because it is just so unique. This is what interests and intrigues me. All I can say is check out their myspace and listen to a few tracks. I promise it will blow your mind one way or another.


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