Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 20 discos del año

No hay un orden en particular

passion pit - manners
porn sword tobacco - everything is music to the ear
tickley feather - hors doeuvres
the xx - xx
wavves - wavves
universal studios florida - ocean sunbirds
washed out - high times
white rainbow - new clouds
matias aguayo - ay ay ay
fuck buttons - tarot sport
former ghost - fleurs leak
lighting bolt - early delights
dan deacon - bromst
cold cave - cremations
neon indian - psychic chasms
the drums - the drums ep
porn sword tobacco & downstate - Untitled Split
pictureplane - dark rift
memory tapes - seek magic
lmfao - party rock

1 comment:

Marcos Legaspi said...

yo creo que The xx son más equis de lo que todos dicen.

bromst de dan deacon rifa.